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About us

Any business - presented with the right design

- speaks its identity, story and value

Bürki Art is a web and design company based in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. We combine our skills for modern design development and IT background. We develop, create, design and revise websites, online stores, brand identities, marketing material and corporate identities.

Modern beautiful design


Bürki Art's goal is not just to create a website or related material for our clients, but to make our clients' identity and story memorable with compelling design.


Chatchanan Meepian - Designer

Bachelor degree in commercial product & branding design, 7 year+ experience as product and brand designer

Dominique Bürki - IT and Project leader
EFZ education in Programming, 8 year experience as programmer, 6 year+ experience as IT Project leader

Chananya Meepian - Marketing & Administration

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