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Web Design Trends for 2023: Predictions and Inspiration

Web design is constantly evolving, and each year brings new trends and techniques. Here are a few predictions for what we might see in the world of web design in 2023:

  • Minimalism: Minimalist design has been a trend for a few years now, and it looks like it's here to stay. Expect to see more websites with clean, simple layouts and a focus on typography and white space.

  • Dark mode: Dark mode has become increasingly popular as a way to reduce eye strain and save battery life on devices. Expect to see more websites offering a dark mode option, or using dark mode as their default design.

  • 3D and AR: With the increasing capabilities of web browsers and the rise of virtual and augmented reality, we might see more websites using 3D and AR elements to enhance the user experience.

  • Hand-drawn elements: Hand-drawn elements, such as illustrations and lettering, can add a personal touch to a website. Expect to see more websites incorporating these elements into their design.

  • Typography-driven design: Typography can be a powerful design element, and we might see more websites using it as the main focus of their design. This could include large, bold type and creative use of font styles and sizes.

To get a sense of what these trends might look like in practice, here are a few examples of websites that are already using them:

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