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Why you should present your company online ?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Online Shop erstellen lassen in der Schweiz
Website setup in Switzerland

You don't have to conduct your entire business over the Internet to take advantage of online business opportunities. Some small businesses may only need a simple website to provide their services and contact information to communicate electronically with their customers, clients and suppliers. Other businesses may use their website to conduct all of their business online.

Among the many benefits of doing business online are:

  • Local and international access, 24/7

  • More credibility for your company and services.

  • Easy access for your customers to information such as opening hours, detailed services, location, contact details, etc.

  • Improved customer service through greater flexibility

  • Increased professionalism

  • Ability to manage your business from anywhere

  • Decrease in time-consuming inquiries as the visitor can find the information directly on your website

Customers may prefer to visit your website to learn about your products and services rather than visiting you in person. They also expect your website address and email address to appear on business cards and other promotional materials. Be as easy to find as possible!

Bürki Art can help you create a modern, responsive website for your business. We assist our clients with websites, online stores and corporate identity. We offer different packages that you can choose from, depending on what suits your business best. Do not hesitate to contact us at or 079 575 0932.

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