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Would you like to create a website for your company?

We would be happy to create an online presence for you. Bürki Art is your web design partner from Zurich. We create websites for companies in all regions of Switzerland. We create modern designed websites, responsive for different screen types (desktop, mobile, tablets) and optimize SEO so you can be found on the internet!

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Our services

What we do?


Modern responsive website

For desktop, tablet and mobile

Website updates and website maintenance service


We create a modern website for your company. Show customers your services online and let them get to know your company or contact you directly.

Corporate Design

logo & branding

corporate identity


company templates

marketing materials

We develop the identity of your brand based on your ideas and wishes. A good brand identity tells the story of the brand through detailed designs.


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Modern Design

With most businesses going digital these days, a well-designed and practical website that showcases your corporate identity is essential for a business. We listen to your corporate identity and represent it through the design of your website.

By combining design and IT skills, we offer you a powerful and fascinating web presence. With everything going online these days, a well-designed and practical website is essential for a business. At BürkiArt we offer you a comprehensive service for setting up a website, hosting, obtaining and linking domains, customization and other maintenance work.


Whether you are an SME or a private individual, we have the right website package for you. We offer you various web design packages with fixed prices as well as possible additional services depending on your needs.

Our website building service is simple and personal. Since we are a small team, you always have the same contact person with us. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We will put together the right package for your web project.

Bürki Art has supported clients from various industries in Switzerland in creating websites, from medical practices, law firms, accounting offices, real estate companies, garden centers, horse farms and other start-ups and SMEs. Our service portfolio ranges from the creation of websites for companies, the revision of existing websites, the conversion of web shops, the development of brand identity, corporate design and much more. 

Getting your business online is more important than ever 

Contact us now and book a free consultation

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  • What do I need to have before I set up my website?
    To make setting up a website easier, you should have a clear concept for your business, brand identity, logo, color palette or even a set of information that you want to publish on the website. If you don't have these, don't worry, by working with BürkiArt, we help you find the right structure and steps for your website. read more
  • What is the cost of setting up a website?
    Having a website created in Switzerland can cost anywhere from CHF 800 to over CHF 10,000. This depends on the complexity of the website, the template or custom design (coding), the web application used, the size of the website, etc. Each provider also has a different price range. At BürkiArt, we use packages with fixed price to make sure our client is clear and in control of the fee. read more
  • How long does it take to set up a website?
    The time it takes to set up a website can vary greatly depending on how ready the information is and how complex the website will be. A one-pager with ready-to-use media and information can be set up in a week, while a large, complicated website can take months to develop.
  • Can I have my website redesigned with a more modern design?
    Yes, we can create a new website for you with a new design, transfer the existing information to the new website and connect to the same domain. This way you can use the same link for your new site and remove the link from the old site. read more
  • My business is on a marketplace/platform, should I have a website built too?
    We would recommend you to also have your own website set up, even if you run your business on service platform or market place. Having your own website increases credibility and underscores the identity of your company and your personal touch, which is not very flexible on many service platforms and marketplaces.
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