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Is it necessary to use the keyword (keyword) in the name of the web page?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Webseite einrichten in der Schweiz
Website setup

Those who are interested in SEO may have heard the following advice: "When naming the website (domain name), you should include keywords". This is a theory that many people have believed or still believe in.

One day, someone asked John Mueller on Twitter, a Google webmaster trends analysis specialist, about this question. John explained that "you don't get a special bonus for having a keyword in your top-level domain." He also indicated that there are no special points in Google ranking for domains that contain keywords. It is obvious that the domains that rank on the first page usually do not have a keyword in their name.

A keyword in the domain name can even be detrimental to the website. For example, if the company changes its target audience or strategy, it is not easy to change the domain name, especially if the company has structured and developed under such a domain over a period of time.

You can find the full video on this at:

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